Deploying Massive IoT in Harsh and Hazardous Environments

Highlights from the joint webinar with Wirepas examining the challenges of harsh and hazardous environments, our journey with Wirepas and the integration with Lantern Positioning

LanternEdge and Wirepas co-presented a webinar about deploying massive IoT in harsh and hazardous environments. It covered what challenges these environments pose to wireless connectivity software, why LanternEdge found Wirepas a suitable partner for our mesh network needs, as well as a closer look at our flagship Lantern Positioning Solution as a use case and how we integrated Wirepas Mesh into our systems. 

An introduction to Wirepas

Wirepas Country Manager Vafa Shams kicked off the session with a brief introduction of Wirepas and Wirepas Mesh features that make it a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient IoT solution for massive IoT wireless connectivity and its integration into devices.

Wirepas: Designed for Massive IoT

The challenges of Harsh and Hazardous Environments

LanternEdge Product Manager Jake Berlocher gave an overview about what harsh and hazardous environments are. He presented key factors companies need to take note of when it comes to designing and deploying products in these environments. 


The Journey to Wirepas

He also shared a little bit about our journey to find Wirepas as a partner, how we started off with open sourced platforms for prototyping, before moving onto mature licensed technology. We encountered many cost and application issues until we came across Wirepas, which solved many of the ongoing problems that we had faced.


Use Case: Integrating Wirepas in Lantern Positioning

Jake also gave an overview about Lantern Positioning and how the solution and its components work. Using Lantern Positioning’s mustering feature as a Use Case, he explained in more detail about the integration of our products with Wirepas Mesh as well as the potential and extensibility offered by the solution. 


Thanks to all who joined us for the session! Stay tuned for more coming up in the near future.

Behind the Scenes: LanternEdge Team replying Webinar Q&A
Behind the scenes: Jake (right) is joined by LanternEdge Hardware Team Members PK (left) and Muhyin (centre) to help answer the many questions we got during the Q&A
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