Asset Acquisition Opportunity

LanternEdge is selling its entire portfolio of assets and IP, which includes servers, gateways, mesh networking and tracking, providing a strategic buyer the opportunity to scale an innovative technology suite.

Lantern Mesh & Tracking Technologies

Mesh technology and tracking solution designed to withstand harsh and hazardous conditions



Designed, rated and certified for harsh and hazardous conditions, suitable for even the most hostile environments

Simplified Deployment

Simplified Deployment

Reusable, streamlined and automated. Designed for quick and easy installation, deployment and teardown


Open & Extensible

Offers flexibility to integrate into existing infrastructure and easy to add new applications as needed

Lantern Mesh technology offers a network for wireless IoT connected devices. The self-healing standalone networks are created with rugged equipment certified as IP66 or IECEx/ATEX. These networks require little maintenance and can be accessed remotely, enabling operation across sites including harsh and hazardous areas. With this technology, enterprises can run best- in-class, highly scalable mesh protocols on competitively priced hardware designed for harsh and hazardous environments.

As a use case of the mesh networking technology, an application on Kubernetes and a proprietary tracking sensor, enable indoor and outdoor tracking of assets in air gapped or harsh and hazardous areas.

Currently, asset tracking on most sites remains a surprisingly limited or manual exercise. Asset safety and productivity is of utmost importance in any environment but is often critical in harsh and hazardous areas. These environments include added dangers and unpredictable conditions, which can put safety in jeopardy in emergency situations, further exacerbated in remote locations with low connectivity and inaccessibility.

Solutions in harsh and hazardous areas require rugged equipment and applications with robust materials and intelligent design features made to withstand the tough conditions. Kubernetes enables continuous delivery of new features to adapt the tracking solution to new requirements easily.

Key benefits of Lantern Mesh networking

  • Easy to use and low installation costs
  • Robust resilient wireless mesh can replace wired devices
  • Supports sensors that have higher bandwidth or faster reporting intervals than what LoRaWAN provides
  • Supports sensors that have lower power consumption requirements than associated with WiFi or Cellular
  • Can deploy a decentralized, highly scalable network to site without costly RF studies
  • Compatible with 802.15.4 RF protocols as well as custom protocols
  • Based on 2.4GHz which is a global license free ISM band
  • Turnkey product designs ready for market dramatically reduce time to market
  • Interoperable with other hardware manufacturers that use the same mesh protocol enable access to large mesh technology ecosystem
  • Private network with very low operating cost
  • certifications completed for hardware (IECEx / ATEX / CE / IP66)
  • Offers high performance mesh capability at a lower price point than WirelessHART or ISA100

Key benefits of tracking solution

The tracking solution uses certified products supported by software built on distributed microservices, allowing for containerization, automated testing and delivery via CI/CD pipelines, and relational and NoSQL databases. The software is optimized for cloud networking.

  • Can be high availability
  • Designed to run on premise – additional functionality unlocked when connected to the cloud
  • Designed to be scaled across multiple sites
  • Ease of integration
  • Modern software delivery methods
  • Competitive pricing with hardware retailing up to 90% lower than competitor products.

Rising demand for wireless sensors across different sectors is driving market growth for mesh networking. The technology addresses the enterprise LPWAN market, which is forecasted to be $65B by 2025 [source]. Importantly, the technology addresses solutions in verticals across harsh and hazardous markets.

Rising demand for safety and productivity is driving growth in asset tracking. The tracking solution addresses the enterprise real-time location systems market, which is growing annually at 30% and is forecasted to be $18B by 2025. Importantly, the technology addresses tracking in verticals across harsh and hazardous markets.

Mesh Networking Applications

The mesh networking technology is designed to support solutions that require reliable wireless data gathering and control across 24/7/365 day operations in harsh or hazardous environments that include flammable atmospheres, gases, vapors, and dust.

These solutions use wireless sensors that:

  • are deployed at scale
  • require a level of reliability not found in competing wireless protocols
  • have bandwidth requirements or reporting intervals comparatively higher than what LoRaWAN allows
  • are used in harsh or hazardous environments

Examples of supported sensors:

  • wireless asset tracking tags
  • GNSS denied localization
  • gas detection
  • vibration measurement
  • images
  • environmental sensors – like air quality or temperature.

Tracking Applications

The tracking solution showcases the use of the mesh networking and is focused on features that enhance safety and productivity at harsh and hazardous sites.

Examples of tracking uses include:

  • Enhanced worker safety in environments with extreme and challenging physical conditions
  • Improved worker productivity through the removal of inefficient manual muster exercises
  • Real-time visibility of on-site personnel and infrastructure through IoT connected devices
  • Self-healing stand-alone networks that require little maintenance in extreme conditions

Industry Applications

Industrial Manufacturing Plants
Chemical Factory
Chemical Plants
Container Ship
Marine and Shipbuilding Assets
Wind Farms and Energy Assets
Mining Facilities
Petroleum Refinery
Oil and Gas Assets
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Adventure Travel
Adventure Travel
Pulp & paper
Pulp & Paper
Waste water
Waste Water

Lantern Mesh products are designed to operate as a network or as stand-alone components for clients who demand reliability in harsh and hazardous working conditions.

The hardware has already passed product certification with different environmental and regulatory options including IP66 or IECEx/ATEX certifications. The hardware and software are proprietary, ownership of the IP will be transferred with the technology.

Lantern Mesh

The mesh networking hardware comprises wireless mesh networking routers and a gateway peripheral card together with related IP. The mesh network is compatible with multiple 802.15.4 based LPWAN technologies and is designed for rugged environments that require IP66 rating or IECEx / ATEX ratings. The tracking solution runs on a best in class decentralized mesh networking protocol that can support an unlimited number of nodes in a single network.

How Lantern Tracking Works infographic

HarshPro & HazPro Routers

The routers are low-power wireless devices that create a stand-alone mesh network that supports two-way communication and multiple wireless protocols. The routers can be used with mobile devices other than the tags and can be powered through direct current, battery, or solar.

HarshPro Router

IP66 rating, extending operating temperature range, compact design

HazPro Router

Flameproof enclosure, intrinsically safe antenna output, Ex d / IP66 rating

  • Compact design facilitates easy deployment of low power wireless devices
  • Supports two-way communication and multiple low-bandwidth protocols
  • Can be used with other mobile devices
  • Can be powered through direct current, battery, or solar 
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • IP66 or ATEX and IECEx to Zone 0 versions

HarshPro Gateway

The HarshPro Gateway transforms any off-the-shelf equipment from single board computers to rack servers into high-performance IoT gateways. The M.2 Radio is designed for easy integration providing maximum flexibility for your needs.  Its small M.2 PCI express form factor and low power consumption help to reduce its overall footprint on host systems. The M.2 Radio supports Linux and Windows OS-based hosts.  

HarshPro Gateway

  • Small form factor 
  • Highly extensible, supporting multiple 802.15.4 based protocols

Lantern Sensor

The intrinsically safe sensor is battery powered and offers wireless tracking. The sensor monitors local radio signal strength information which is transmitted back to the server via mesh to calculate a position. The sensor hardware is compatible with many popular 802.15.4 radio protocols and can support custom protocols as well.

Lantern Sensor

  • Designed for large, augmented work forces 
  • Low power with extended battery life up to 100 days at 30s update rate
  • Wireless charging and Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • ATEX and IECEx rated to Zone 0 

Lantern Software

Lantern Software is built for hybrid cloud using a Kubernetes based, containerized micro-service architecture. The modern software architecture enables high availability for mission critical applications; modern software delivery methods like CI/CD; and provides the ability to easily integrate other systems and technologies into the platform.

The software provides a range of functionality including:

  • visualizing tracking sensors on sites
  • device management and provisioning
  • logging for sensor data
  • monitoring for system health
  • asset and personnel information management

Lantern Tracking

Lantern tracking solution showcases the use of the mesh networking and is focused on features that enhance safety and productivity at harsh and hazardous sites. The tracking solution is an intrinsically safe tracking sensor, software on Kubernetes, and related IP.

Lantern tracking solution uses certified products supported by software built on distributed microservices, allowing for containerization, automated testing and delivery via CI/CD pipelines, and relational and NoSQL databases. The software is optimized for cloud networking.

  • Open and extensible  – easy to add new services or apps
  • Deployable on public and private cloud networks for increased privacy and security
  • Supports multiple sites on site and remotely
  • Features include: positioning algorithms, site, zone and location management, maps and floor plans that can be private and contextualized, muster reporting and support, alarm management/personnel management, location monitoring

Download HazPro Router

Download HarshPro Router datasheet

Download HarshPro M.2 Radio datasheet

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