HarshPro™ IP43 Server

HarshPro™ IP43 Server

Rugged small form factor server designed for large scale deployments


Designed for Harsh Environments

Server enclosure provides increased protection against dust and liquid for both horizontal and vertical installations


Remote Management Ready

Supports popular remote management technologies down to the UEFI/BIOS level


Small & Flexible Package

Server is housed in a micro ATX (mATX) compact enclosure designed for small spaces with configurability for processors, storage, PCIe GPU cards and power supplies

HarshPro IP43 Server is a powerful rugged server built for performance with an Intel® Xeon® processor, multiple memory configurations, and high-capacity, high speed NVMe SSDs, enabling distributed cloud functionality and application containerization in a small footprint wherever you need it.  From USD $2,670.
The server is housed in a mATX compact enclosure designed to protect against dust and liquid while keeping overall equipment costs low.  The IO and network interfaces are kept dry in a separate compartment.  Louvers and dust filters on the air inlets protect from sprays and ensure the electronics stay safe. The chassis is designed so no hand tools are required for routine maintenance on the dust filters.  
The server can be mounted vertically, either wall or pole mount. Additionally, the server can be mounted horizontally or placed on a desktop to serve as a rugged workstation.  The chassis is designed to be IP43 in either vertical or horizontal orientations.

The server is equipped with a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM) enabling an increased level of system security. For edge AI/ML applications, the server can accommodate high power GPUs ranging up to 2.7 slot width cards.
HarshPro IP43 Server is designed to work standalone or clustered in remote locations. The server supports functionality commonly used in data centers including automated provisioning and remote management. The server offers three high speed M.2 slots and a single x16 PCIe slot for system expansion. The baseboard management controller (BMC) supports popular remote management technologies like IPMI, PXE, Redfish®, and KVM over IP which allows it to be fully administered remotely down to the BIOS level.
A low maintenance, high reliability design and long lifespan ensure maximum hardware uptime. Remote management capability eliminates the need for onsite IT support.  These two factors make the server perfect for mission critical applications, remote deployments, or deployments at scale.

HarshPro™ IP43 Server
Secure, automated and private positioning

Server Class Processors

Industrial-grade Intel® Xeon® D processor, offers high core counts, hyperthreading, virtualization, ECC enabled memory support, and a 10-year lifespan at 100% usage

Simplified deployment

IP43 Enclosure and Engineering

Dust and waterproof enclosure and engineered to work in conditions where standard servers fail, including wide operating temperature ranges

'Admin-lite' design

Built for Any Environment

Suitable for use in any location including harsh areas, such as in-vehicle and field deployments, warm temperature data centers, or large scale industrial computing

Auditable data for workplace accidents

Small Form Factor

Compact enclosure has a small footprint and helps keep overall equipment costs low. The server’s air filters can be replaced by hand, requiring no hand tools

Mesh Network

Highly Expandable

Multiple PCIe M.2 slots, enabling additional storage, including high-power GPUs ranging up to triple slot width cards for edge AI/ML applications. The server can be powered by AC or wide range DC input

Public/Private Cloud Support

Optimized for Cloud

High core count processors, high speed NVMe SSD storage, and large amounts of memory enable distributed cloud functionality and application containerization wherever you need it

Open and extensible software platform

Headless Admin

Baseboard management controller (BMC) supports technologies like IPMI, PXE, Redfish®, and KVM over IP enabling remote administration down to the UEFI/BIOS level

Bundled software and hardware with end-to-end support

Remote Management Ready

Supports functionality commonly used in data centers including automated provisioning and remote management which reduces the need for on-site management. Can work standalone or clustered in remote locations

Best in Class Partners

Best in Class Partners

Built with market-trusted American Megatrend’s APTIO-V UEFI/BIOS and MegaRAC SP-X BMC firmware

DimensionsWithout front cover: 345mm (L) x 263mm (W) x 180mm (H)
With front cover: 405mm (L) x 263mm (W) x 180mm (H)
System Chipset CPUIntel® Xeon® D-1541
Intel® Xeon® D-1539 (optional)
Memory Slots2 x DIMM slots
RDIMM (up to 32 GB per slot)
UDIMM (up to 16 GB per slot)
Expansion Slots4 x M.2 M-key (2 x 22110 max, 2 x 2280 max)
1 x PCIe x16 physical (4 lanes)
Operating Temperature-20ºC to 55ºC
Operating temperature band can increase with use of wideband operating temperature PSU & Fans
Specifications subject to change

HarshPro Servers in Action

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