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Standard servers are designed to work in controlled environments: cool, climate-controlled rooms that keep out dirt, impurities and other disturbance. In an ideal world, these servers can be checked frequently and well-maintained to maintain optimum server performance.

But with the increased use of technology at the Edge or in certain industries, servers are now being deployed in harsh environments with more extreme conditions than standard equipment is designed to withstand – Specialized rugged servers and equipment are required to for computing in harsh environments. Read on to learn more about servers for harsh environments.

What is a harsh environment?

Harsh Compute

Harsh environments generally refer to places with more extreme and challenging physical conditions that can include rapidly changing and extreme temperatures, exposure to the elements like dust, precipitation, UV and humidity, as well as physical disturbances like shock, corrosion, insect damage and EMI. Read more in our whitepaper about harsh environments.

Examples of Harsh environments

Examples of industries that require servers to be placed in harsh environments include:

  • Oil & gas rigs
  • Industrial manufacturing plants
  • Container Ships
  • Wind farms

Why do you need rugged servers for harsh environments?

Standard servers not made to deal with harsh conditions. Equipment for harsh environments needs special considerations to reduce safety risks and costly overheads:

  • Rugged materials which are strong, durable and resilient enough to withstand the tough conditions
  • Robust design to meet stringent safety standards and reduce the need to replace parts or require frequent maintenance
  • Easy to install setup reduces the need for specialist maintenance
  • Optimized for remote management is ideal for edge deployment and reduces the need for physical presence on site
  • Flexible and able to evolve and scale as server technology advances rapidly

Rugged servers for harsh environments

LanternEdge’s range of rugged HarshPro Servers are designed to withstand harsh environments and have undergone rigorous testing and product certification. Configured for wide operating temperature ranges and high humidity, protection against the elements, and the ability for 100% remote management at no extra cost, there’s a HarshPro Server available for your specific needs.

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