Harsh Compute

What is a harsh environment?

Harsh environments generally refer to places with more extreme and challenging physical conditions.

Harsh environment conditions

Examples of harsh environment conditions include:

  • Extreme temperatures: very high or very low temperatures
  • Rapidly changing temperatures: fluctuating temperatures over large temperature ranges
  • Dust
  • Precipitation: rain, snow, ice, sleet and hail
  • Corrosion: especially from sea spray and salt fogs
  • High Altitudes
  • Animals and Insects: insect nests and damage
  • Vibration and Shock
  • Exposure: Heat and UV from the sun
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Noisy Electrical Power
  • Humidity: high humidity and condensation

Harsh environment examples

Examples of harsh environments include:

  • Oil & gas rigs
  • Industrial manufacturing plants
  • Container Ships
  • Wind farms

and more…

What considerations are needed for hardware in harsh environments?

Standard equipment is not made to deal with harsh conditions. Equipment for harsh environments needs special considerations to reduce safety risks and costly overheads:

  • Rugged materials to withstand tough conditions
  • Robust design to reduce need to replace or fix frequently
  • Easy to install setup reduces need for specialist deployment
  • Optimized for remote management to reduce need for physical presence on site
  • Flexible and able to evolve and scale as technology advances

Rugged servers for harsh environments

LanternEdge’s range of rugged HarshPro Servers are designed to withstand harsh environments and have undergone rigorous testing and product certification. With wide operating temperature and humidity options, protection against the elements, and the ability for 100% remote management at no extra cost, there’s a HarshPro Server available for your specific needs.

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