Asset Acquisition Opportunity

LanternEdge is selling its entire portfolio of assets and IP, which includes servers, gateways, mesh networking and tracking, providing a strategic buyer the opportunity to scale an innovative technology suite.


HarshPro Servers

Customizable, high-performance, rugged servers



HarshPro Servers are equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors, high capacity, with high speed NVMe SSDs, and support large amounts of memory



All HarshPro Servers are built to order. Customize components and configuration to create your perfect server.



HarshPro Servers are rugged, built to withstand harsh industrial environments and have undergone rigorous testing and product certification

Remote Ready

Remote Ready

All HarshPro Servers come with integrated Lights Out Management – 100% remote management at no extra cost.

All Servers

HarshPro™ IP20 Server

From USD $3,190

HarshPro IP20 Server

Rugged rack mount server designed for harsh environments

  • Rugged server in a standard 2U rack form factor
  • Wide operating temperature and humidity ranges
  • Secure and highly expandable
HarshPro™ IP20A Server

From USD $4,460 (excluding GPUs)

HarshPro IP20A Server

Rugged rack mount server with GPUs for AI/ML

  • Rugged server in a standard 3U rack form factor
  • Support for 2 standard size high performance PCIe GPU cards
  • Optimized for AI/ML applications
HarshPro™ IP20S Server

From USD $3,190

HarshPro IP20S Server

Rugged all flash storage server designed for fast IOPS in harsh conditions

  • Powerful NVMe flash rugged storage server in a standard 2U rack form factor
  • Wide operating temperature and humidity ranges
  • Large number of expansion slots, max storage capacity of 46TB
HarshPro™ IP43 Server

From USD $2,670

HarshPro IP43 Server

Small form factor server designed for large scale deployments

  • Micro ATX (mATX) compliant enclosure provides increased protection against dust and liquid
  • Compact enclosure designed for small spaces
  • Toolless chassis access
HarshPro IP66 Server

From USD $5,710

HarshPro IP66 Server

Rugged server extending data center functionality to harsh and remote environments

  • Dust and waterproof IP66-rated enclosure
  • Passive cooling system and zero moving parts for maximum reliability
  • Multiple power options

HarshPro Server Brochure

HarshPro Servers in Action

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