Rugged Workstation

What is a rugged workstation?

Rugged workstation are also known as rugged portables. Rugged workstations are specialized technical or scientific computers for extreme application that have been designed to weather harsh conditions like physical weather conditions, remote locations out on the Edge or other disturbances like shock and corrosion.

Read our whitepaper on worker productivity in harsh and hazardous conditions to learn more.

Requirements of rugged workstations

Rugged workstations need to extremely durable and able to function even in the harshest of conditions. For example, that means having high ingress protections and components that have a wide operating temperature range that are able to weather high and fluctuating temperatures and extreme weather, which is not something typical workstations are built for.

Rugged workstations have to be highly reliable in extreme conditions and are often required to multitask and perform complex functions and thus require powerful processors to optimize performance. These workstations may be located in remote, out of the way locations and will require equipment with Edge capabilities.

Servers for rugged workstations

HarshPro Servers are built for performance with an Intel® Xeon® processor, multiple memory configurations, and high-capacity, high speed NVMe SSDs, enabling distributed cloud functionality and application containerization even in the toughest environments.

HarshPro’s IP43 Server is very robust, housed in a mATX compact enclosure designed to protect against dust and liquid while keeping overall equipment costs low and having a small footprint. The server can be mounted vertically, either wall or pole mount. Additionally, the server can be mounted horizontally or placed on a desktop to serve as a rugged workstation in harsh conditions.

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