High Temperature Data Center

What is a High Temperature Data Center?

High temperature data centers are also known as High Ambient Temperature (HTA) data centers or Tropical data centers. While typical data centers need to be cooled to temperatures of around 21ºC to function, high temperature data centers are able to operate efficiently at warmer ambient temperatures of 30ºC.

The benefits of high temperature data centers

The cost of cooling is often the main factor in data center operational costs. High temperature data centers utilize fresh-air economizers instead of air-conditioning, doing away with the need for expensive data center cooling infrastructure and reducing energy consumption and operational cost, all key factors in lowering the total cost of ownership of data centers over time.

Servers for High Temperature Data Centers

With typical servers designed for operation at lower temperatures, rugged servers are essential for high temperature data centers. LanternEdge’s HarshPro servers are rugged servers with a high operating temperature of up to 50ºC and can handle up to 90% relative humidity. This allows the servers to work efficiently in warm climates with minimal need for additional cooling infrastructure, perfect for high temperature data centers.

Designed to be reliable, remotely operated and low maintenance, HarshPro Servers ensure a dark data center is always up and running even when temperatures spike.

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