Enabling Intelligence in Harsh & Hazardous Environments

Asset Acquisition Opportunity

LanternEdge is selling its entire portfolio of assets and IP, which includes servers, gateways, mesh networking and tracking, providing a strategic buyer the opportunity to scale an innovative technology suite.


High performance, data-center class servers built for any harsh environment

HarshPro IP66 Server

Transform off-the-shelf equipment into high-performance IoT gateways

HarshPro M.2 Radio

Lantern Positioning - How it works

Lantern Positioning improves productivity while keeping your workers safe


Tailored to Your Needs

Every LanternEdge product is built to your company’s specific needs and requirements. Create your perfect configuration by selecting the components you need. 

Focused on Deployments at Scale

LanternEdge is built for volume contracts, offering direct manufacturing with global support for configuration build and logistics. Work with LanternEdge to build new products to suit your needs.

Manufactured Where You Want It

LanternEdge products are designed and manufactured from Singapore. These designs can be licensed for manufacture in locations to support your supply chain strategy. 

Delivering for the Edge

LanternEdge designs and builds technologies to enable intelligence in harsh and hazardous environments. Through rugged conditions, extreme temperatures and remote locations, LanternEdge products perform where standard equipment fails.

Integrity Assured

LanternEdge develops rugged products designed to weather the toughest conditions and last. The integrity of all products is assured through universal rating and certification standards. This makes them ideal for industrial applications.

With You for the Long Haul

LanternEdge supports high availability and long product lifecycle. Standard policy is to replace not repair and warranty coverage can be extended to match operational requirements.

Lights Out Management at No Extra Cost

All LanternEdge products are designed for 100% remote management – configure, monitor and resolve issues from anywhere in the world. Lights Out Management (LOM) is an integral part of LanternEdge product design and unlike similar offerings, there is no additional cost to use it. 

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