Lantern Positioning

Mesh networking technology and positioning solution to ensure worker safety even in the toughest conditions



Designed, rated and certified for harsh and hazardous conditions, suitable for even the most hostile environments

Simplified Deployment

Simplified Deployment

Reusable, streamlined and automated. Designed for quick and easy installation, deployment and teardown


Open & Extensible

Offers flexibility to integrate into existing infrastructure and easy to add new applications as needed

Asset Acquisition Opportunity

LanternEdge is selling Lantern Positioning: mesh networking and positioning solution assets, providing a strategic buyer the opportunity to scale an innovative technology suite.

Lantern Positioning leverages open and scalable technologies to reduce costs and overheads, improving safety and productivity even in the toughest industrial environments.

Secure, automated and private positioning

Secure, Automated and Private Positioning

Enhance worker safety and productivity with efficient personnel management that is also extensible to asset management.

Simplified deployment

Simplified Deployment

Lantern Positioning components are reusable and streamlined, making installation both easier and more cost-effective. The software UI is easy to use and accessible from any desktop or mobile browser.

'Admin-lite' design

Automated Muster Drills

Get headcounts faster and more accurately. Improve first response times and save money by automating manual muster drills that are error-prone and slow.

Auditable data for workplace accidents

Auditable Data for Workplace Accidents

Easily auditable data allows for increased risk mitigation and reduced workplace insurance premiums.

Mesh Network

Mesh Network

Lantern Positioning is based on RF mesh network which reduces expensive cabling and installation costs and administration, while creating high redundancy and enhancing security.

Public/Private Cloud Support

Public/Private Cloud Support

In addition to public cloud networks, Lantern Positioning also provides private cloud support, enhancing data privacy and security.

Open and extensible software platform

Open and Extensible Software Platform

Lantern Positioning is flexible enough to integrate into existing infrastructure, but it is also easy to add new services and applications in an agile manner.

Bundled software and hardware with end-to-end support

Bundled Software and Hardware with End-to-end Support

Get everything you need with Lantern Positioning and lower your lifetime Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

'Headless' administration

‘Admin-lite’ Design

Reduce operational and maintenance load – Lantern Positioning’s components and hardware are designed to be low-powered, self-healing and upgradable remotely.

Workers’ safety is of utmost importance in any environment but is critical in harsh and hazardous areas. Lantern Positioning is a real-time location monitoring system that allows companies to enable onsite worker safety solutions even in the toughest conditions.

Lantern Positioning solution utilizes a low-power, self healing stand alone mesh network system that supports two-way communication and multiple wireless devices. Rugged hardware with ATEX and IECEx certification standards allow for the equipment to withstand harsh conditions with minimal upkeep, while the open, extensible software can be coupled with cloud native applications, distributed cloud and advanced analytics at the edge of operations.

How Lantern Positioning works

LanternEdge’s products are designed to operate as a network or as stand-alone components for clients who demand reliability in harsh and hazardous working conditions

HarshPro & HazPro Links

Links are low-power wireless devices that create a stand-alone mesh network that supports two-way communication and multiple wireless protocols. The links can be used with mobile devices other than the tags and can be powered through direct current, battery, or solar.

HarshPro Link

IP66 rating, extending operating temperature range, compact design

HazPro Link

Flameproof enclosure, intrinsically safe antenna output, Ex d / IP66 rating

  • Compact design facilitates easy deployment of low power wireless devices
  • Supports two-way communication and multiple low-bandwidth protocols
  • Can be used with other mobile devices
  • Can be powered through direct current, battery, or solar 
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • IP66 or ATEX and IECEx to Zone 0 versions

Lantern Tag

The Lantern Tag is a low-power wearable device designed for large augmented work forces. Workers are assigned tags for individual identification in location monitoring. This allows for features including zoning, the measuring and monitoring of worker’s locations, and controlling deployment and worker occupancy, helping ensure the safety and productivity of workers.

Lantern Tag

  • Designed for large, augmented work forces 
  • Low power with extended battery life up to 100 days at 30s update rate
  • Wireless charging and Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • ATEX and IECEx rated to Zone 0 

Lantern Positioning Software

Lantern Positioning Software provides an easy-to-use overview of sites and workers whether you are on-site or viewing remotely. This tracking application is easily integrated with other applications or customized for specific needs and new applications. The software includes the UI, backend, and positioning algorithms, and can be run on-premise with no internet connection or connected to the cloud for sites that have connectivity.

Lantern Positioning Software

  • Open and extensible  – easy to add new services or apps
  • Deployable on public and private cloud networks for increased privacy and security
  • Supports multiple sites on site and remotely
  • Features include: positioning algorithms, site, zone and location management, maps and floor plans that can be private and contextualized, muster reporting and support, alarm management/personnel management, location monitoring

Lantern Positioning details and technical specifications:

Download Lantern Positioning brochure

Download HarshPro Link datasheet

Download HazPro Link datasheet

Download Lantern Tag datasheet

Lantern Positioning Use Cases

Enhanced worker safety in environments with extreme and challenging physical conditions

Improved worker productivity through the removal of inefficient manual muster exercises

Real-time visibility of on-site personnel and infrastructure through IoT connected devices

Self-healing stand-alone networks that require little maintenance in extreme conditions

Industry Applications

Petroleum Refinery
Oil and Gas Assets
Industrial Manufacturing Plants
Mining Facilities
Container Ship
Marine and Shipbuilding Assets
Wind Farms and Energy Assets
Chemical Factory
Chemical Plants
Asset Acquisition Opportunity

LanternEdge is selling Lantern Positioning: mesh networking and positioning assets, providing a strategic buyer the opportunity to scale an innovative technology suite.

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