Hyperconverged infrastructure at the edge

How HarshPro Servers maximise the potential of Hyperconvergence


With edge computing, enterprises are turning to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to maximize efficiency, reduce latency and increase security by having a platform on premise. The key component to maximizing any HCI is the hypervisor, which is constantly running algorithms, looking to manage resource use more efficiently so as to optimize its own platform and fully reap the benefits that HCI has to offer. 

Business Challenges

Hypervisors are looking to achieve a higher performance compute at a lower cost in any deployment and need a solid platform that allows them to drive better CPU & memory performance and provide effective management of network connectivity. Operations modernization leverages advanced software and hardware architecture and the ability to run higher I/O applications as needed, which not all current HCI solutions are optimized to do. 


Enterprises looking to boost HCI efficiency will find HarshPro™ Servers a powerful complement to support virtualization. The servers offer high capacity, high speed NVMe SSDs and multiple memory configurations enabling distributed cloud functionality and application containerization wherever you need it, and a server-class processor powered by Intel® Xeon® speeds up completion times to boost I/O operations.

The server is designed to work standalone or clustered in remote locations – providing elasticity at the edge and supporting functionality commonly used in data centers including automated provisioning and remote management, allowing HCI to work seamlessly whether across the cloud, on-prem or at the edge in IP66 conditions.


HarshPro Servers give that much-needed boost in performance on any infrastructure investment, allowing hypervisors to achieve higher performance with their solutions while lowering the total cost of ownership.

The rugged IP-rated structure of the servers also allows hypervisors to be deployed in harsh, low-power or resource constrained environments while maintaining peak performance.

In addition, the baseboard management controller (BMC) supports popular remote management technologies like IPMI, PXE, Redfish, and KVM over IP which allows the HarshPro server to be fully administered remotely down to the BIOS level. 

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