Edge Hardware Provider LanternEdge Releases New Whitepaper on High Temperature Data Center Costs Savings and Other Benefits

The whitepaper details the multiple benefits of operating data centers at higher than normal data center temperatures and the unique infrastructure considerations required for such set ups

Singapore – 24 June, 2021 – LanternEdge, a provider of technologies that enable intelligence in harsh and hazardous environments, has just released its latest whitepaper on the multiple benefits of operating high temperature data centers, titled “Reduce Your Data Center Cooling Costs by 96% with a Server Built For the Heat”.

With the advancement of the digital economy, there has been an urgent need for increased computing and storage capacity. Data centers are resource-intensive, all infrastructure aspects from the powering of servers to the cooling required for optimal temperatures utilize a massive amount of energy on a daily basis. As such, the demand for more compute and storage in data centers can quickly result in exponentially high costs and resource consumption.

The main culprit in energy usage in a mainstream data center is typically the infrastructure required to cool the data center to the model temperature of 21ºC. An increasingly popular solution is the high temperature data center that can operate at ambient temperatures around 30ºC. These elevated temperature data centers utilize fresh air economizers, doing away with the need for expensive cooling infrastructure and energy required. The compute and storage used in these types of data centers need to be able to operate at peak performance in these increased temperatures

The whitepaper details the long term operational cost savings of operating data centers in high temperatures as compared to more traditional cooled data centers, as well as explores the other benefits and the unique infrastructure considerations needed for equipment to be efficient without requiring cooling.

High Temperature Data Center Whitepaper

Read and download a free copy of the whitepaper “Reduce Your Data Center Cooling Costs by 96% with a Server Built For the Heat

LanternEdge has designed the HarshPro™ IP20 Server, a powerful rugged server with a high operating temperature range that can work in warm climates and high humidity without compromising on power. This low maintenance server is reliable and designed to be remotely operated, ensuring a dark data center is always up and running even when temperatures spike.  

HarshPro IP20 Server
HarshPro IP20 Server

About LanternEdge

LanternEdge designs and builds technologies to enable intelligence for harsh and hazardous environments. LanternEdge hardware products power cloud-native applications, distributed cloud and advanced analytics at the edge of operations. LanternEdge products and solutions are designed and delivered in-house from Singapore

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