Video analytics at the edge: Servers that reduce cost and latency

Deploying video analytics requires immense computing power, even more so when running at the edge in remote or harsh conditions. The right hardware allows you to process data on-prem, eliminate expensive cloud costs, consolidate workloads, significantly reduce latency and work when connectivity is not available.

HarshPro™ Servers are workhorses built for the edge

The perfect server for high performance computing needs no matter the location

IP-rated rugged machines with wide temperature range and do not require additional cooling

Industrial-grade Intel® Xeon® D processors deliver server class performance even at the edge

Exceeds ASHRAE class A4 rated server specifications

Equipped with baseboard management controller (BMC) and can be be fully administered remotely

High performance computing servers for different needs


HarshPro™ IP20

HarshPro™ IP20 Server
  • 19″ 2U rack
  • Highly expandable with large number of expansion slots


HarshPro™ IP20A

HarshPro™ IP20A Server
  • 19″ 3U rack
  • Supports up to 2 standard size high performance GPU cards


HarshPro™ IP43

HarshPro™ IP43 Server
  • Small form factor
  • mATX protection against liquid and dust


HarshPro™ IP66

HarshPro™ IP66 Server
  • Fanless design with no moving parts for maximum reliability
  • Dustproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant

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